Women Plus Size categorically have issues in terms of appearance. Some of them know the style but the choice of clothing is very limited. Whatever our body shape does not need to be inferior and shy to style. High confidence can be seen as one more beautiful than the level of appearance. it’s pretty subjective that the important way of appearance and self-esteem is more important. So girls get up and dress up, conquer the world !!!


  • Bright color selection¬†

Do not be afraid to play color because it’s a charm that will give you beauty.

So combine these two colors.Choose a bright dress beside a dark skirt or skirt so that other people’s views are more focused on clothes than your body shape.

  • Avoid wearing big-sized clothes

Many women tend to cover excess fat in the body by wearing loose clothes or large clothing. In fact, it will make you look bigger. Wear that suits your body shape. Make sure you do not buy clothes too small or too large. Choose a garment that has a rubber on the waist to reveal the body slimming.

  • Why do you not apply accessories?

It’s possible if you make the right choice. If you have a big waist, avoid wide belt because it will make your waist look bigger.

  • Pattern selection

Plus size women need to stay away from choosing a great pattern. Fine and complex designs and details are more suitable for you. The shirt with the neck of ‘V’ is better suited for the immediate slight impression. Similarly, the pattern of the vertical strip is better than the horizontal pattern.

  • Selection of pants

If you do not belong to a high-profile woman, make sure you are stylish with the right pants. Do not wear tight and tight trousers like skinny jeans. It will highlight the shape of your big and short legs. Make a selection of straight and palazzo pants from chiffon fabric.

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