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Plus Size Dresses Singapore

At SajaMi-O, their vision is to deliver beautiful, fashion-approved apparel selections for plus sizes. And that includes dresses – which all ladies need to show off their feminine and elegant side! From versatile flowy maxi dresses that showcase your feminine charm to fake two-piece dresses that allow you to pull off the art of layering without adding extra weight, find the perfect dress for your shape here.

A dress is a girl’s best friend, and the same applies for modern muslimah like you! Find your unique personal style to showcase your personality – from maxi to flowy evening dresses and other long pieces, shop your most coveted pieces that combine style with functionality. Cut in comfortable fabric, these plus size dresses for the stylish muslimah feature gorgeous prints, from fresh florals to classy pearl details at prices you’ll love.

So tap, swipe and click your way to discover unique styles that flatter your body shape, and most importantly, dress with confidence!

Muslimah Boutique

Mi-o Singapore is a collection of islamic- friendly wear to help the modern muslimah flaunt her fashion flair and keep up with trends while adhering to religious standards of modesty. They believe that modest dressing does not exclude being fashionable, and they want to start a momentum where women of faith can embrace islamic-friendly fashion in ways that speak of their personal values and unique style alike.

Most of their apparel are also available in plus sizes for their customers. You’ll find muslim-friendly wear as well as fabulous accessories at highly affordable and reasonable price points on their one-stop webstore.

For more information about Muslimah Boutique Collection, please visit https://mi-o.sg/

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