Cosplay means “costume games” and where people wear other clothing and accessories to represent a particular character. Characters are taken from video games, cartoons, comic books, etc.

The step to prepare before use the cosplay :

  • Choose a character for cosplay. you can choose your favorite character from your favorite cartoons, or choose someone more interesting. Choose a character with great weapons or cool clothes for the most enjoyable cosplay experience. 
  • Design your hairstyle. Many anime characters have long, dramatic hair, but there are also many characters with short or short hair. Deciding if you want to use your original hair or get a wig. 
  • Make sure your costume is comfortable. It can be tempting to go in style while planning your clothes. Make sure everything is right and you can enjoy your clothes. 
  • Get any accessories or weapons. This section is optional, but having the appropriate accessories will give you a special picture. 
  • Make your makeup. Always go for natural makeup because too much weight will give you a fake, too much look that will cut off your cosplay.

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