What is cosplay?

Cosplay is the art of costumes. The term etymology incorporates words such as clothing and play to illustrate the form of art in which people practice clothing and the character of fictional characters in comic books or popular culture.

What makes good cosplay?

The quality list that makes good cosplay will always be open to interpretation, but the three major factors make the best cosplay  stand out from the pack.

  • Creativity: Good cosplay requires a lot of creativity to make physical clothing from concept art, especially when there is no instruction and no other model to imitate.
  • Accuracy: Attention to detail will make the cosplay stand out, all from one’s fabric texture to a body paint that covers every inch of their skin.
  • Staying in character: Wearing fictional character skin is only half of cosplaying, the other half is about practicing personality, habits or sounds that complement the character.

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