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The largest stamp and stamp manufacturer in ASEAN To improve product, operation and quality in 2011, A E Stamp has successfully acquired ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards. They believe that this will give their customers better services and products.

A E Stamp is a rubber stamp maker in Singapore, they sell standard rubber stamps and special rubber stamps.A E Stamp emphasizes the quality of their rubber stamps. They ensure that all rubber stamps create very sharp effects and they offer different types of ink colors, sizes & types of rubber for the selection.

Name tags are badges or stickers used on outerwear as a way of displaying user names for others to see. Name tags may be temporarily like stickers with icon images that are “Hello! My Name Is ________”; or it may be a more durable type.

  • Engraved name tag
  • Colour name tag
  • Metal name tag
  • Reusable tag

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