Source of natural ingredients, they display a variety of Korean skin care from the award-winning beauty brand i.e. Guerisson and Cloud 9. Products are known to have the safest formulation.

9 step korean skin care:

  • Oil Cleaners
    Used for dry skin and remove makeup or other oil-based products such as sunscreen.
  • Foam cleaner
    This water-based cleanser is used for moist skin and removes impurities such as sweat. after using the second cleaner (first with oil and second with foam) with this, no dirt will be left out and your skin free from dirt
  • Toner
    Toner works to better treat all the treatments
  • Essence
    It is a treatment product similar to serum, booster, or ampoule; but it is more watery in consistence than the whole product.
  • Serum Treatment, Booster, or Ampoule
    If you have no pigmentation, you can not use this treatment
  • Mask
    The mask contains all the treatment products. but you only need to use twice a week.
  • Eye cream
    This can focus on everything from fine lines to black circles.
  • Face cream
    This step is only to lock the skin’s moisture.
  • SPF
    It seems clear, but they can not emphasize the importance of sun protection every day.

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