As the first day of school approaches, many parents may get requests for contact lenses from their children who wish to begin the school year without their glasses. But how can you tell whether your youngster is ready? There is no such thing as a magical age. Even newborns and toddlers use contacts for specific situations. Every child is unique and matures at a different rate. Here are five indicators that your youngster is ready for contact lenses:

1– Your youngster wants to wear contacts.

This may sound simple, but a youngster who is dissatisfied with his or her spectacles will be considerably more driven to care for his or her contact lenses. The motivation to use contact lenses should come from the youngster alone.

2– Your youngster completes his or her duties without being reminded.

Children who demonstrate responsibility in all parts of their lives are more likely to be ideal candidates for contact lenses. If not, it isn’t a bad idea to wait a year or two. Nobody likes to have to constantly remind their child to remove their contact lenses.

3–He or she is clean and sanitary.

If the Peanuts cartoon character “Pig Pen” reminds you of your child, contact lenses may not be a smart option right now. Some kids enjoy getting filthy, which is fantastic. It’s just not so good when it comes to contact lenses since improper cleanliness might lead to an eye infection.

4– Your youngster maintains his or her spectacles.

Glasses are expensive and fragile, and children who make an effort to care for them (rather than leaving them on the bus, on the playground, or in their bag) will automatically care for their contact lenses.

5–He or she participates in sports.

Contact lenses are ideal for active youngsters. They have improved eyesight and more alternatives for protective eyewear. They also don’t have to worry about their glasses sliding due to perspiration or receiving shattered glass in their face from an unintentional hit.

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