How to Buy Lolita Wigs?

Lolita Wigs

Lolita wigs are known for the femininity they adorn you with. They are characterised by soft bangs, a decent pompadour and loose, bouncy curls- typically called Lolita curls. Lolita is actually a Japanese fashion trend that emphasizes on uber feminine features. Consisting on lace, frills & pastel colors; Lolita fashion pays attention to every minute details where Lolita hair styles are given the utmost attention. Not everyone is blessed to have thick, voluminous locks that are frizz free and absolute shiny. Get Lolita wigs to complement your Lolita outfit for the approaching comic con.

What to Look for when Buying Lolita Wigs?

  • Lolita wigs are super thick & voluminous this is why they are two piece or three piece wigs. They have wig clip-ons (ponytails). To maintain the voluminous nature of the Lolita wigs, manufacturers provide you the option to wear your wig alone (wig base) or adorn it with the optional wig clip-on.
  • Look for synthetic Lolita wigs that are 100% heat resistant. Heat resistant wigs allow you to style the wig using low heat. They use memory fiber that retains the factory style even after the wash.
  • Look for compatible hair sprays and hair gels to style your unit. Hair gels will help you hold the bangs and braids whereas hairspray is required for a general finish.
  • Lolita wigs look best when accessorised. To increase the cuteness, dress up your wig using floral barrettes, hats, ribbons and pearls.
  • Lolita wigs are usually pastel colors but they are available in chestnut, blonde and other light colors to adjust with the most moods and cultural differences. Paying attention to the color that compliments your skin tone will work wonders.
  • Since Lolita wigs are always about a lot of hair, you can always shred and trim the wig as per your taste and sense of style. Cut that bang shorter or shred the hair using sharp shears. If you are too afraid about spoiling your hair unit, take it to the local hair dresser.

Lolita wigs could be slightly pricey than regular wigs due to the volume, style and the curls. A good quality wig should fit in the comfortable range of USD 30 to USD 50. Avoid purchasing a wig that says “Halloween” or “one size fits all”. Wigs that come with adjustable straps are the best choice since you will never go wrong on the size. Check out our immensely popular collection of sweet Lolita wigs that will make you swoon!

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